em.directory is a repository that provides easy access to several resources and widgets for EveryMatrix employees. Each widget is meant to optimize certain flows that would normally be harder to accomplish like for example creating and sending various company Newsletters or requesting a set of new Business Cards.

emdir screensemdir screens

Menu animation on widget pages.

emdir BLOCKSemdir BLOCKS

Newsletters are built in a modular manner.
Several types of blocks have been created, each serving a specific function.

[unex_ce_button id="content_k2ao8orwc,column_content_d8e2s3u3b" button_text_color="#d4d4d4" button_font="bold" button_font_size="13px" button_width="auto" button_alignment="center" button_text_spacing="0" button_bg_color="#ffffff" button_padding="7px 20px 7px 20px" button_border_width="2px" button_border_color="#d4d4d4" button_border_radius="0px" button_text_hover_color="#ffffff" button_text_spacing_hover="0" button_bg_hover_color="#d2d2d2" button_border_hover_color="#d2d2d2" button_link="octavian.arnaut@gmail.com" button_link_type="email" button_link_target="_blank" has_container="" in_column="1"]DROP ME A LINE[/ce_button]